How Cash Loans Can Help During Hard Financial Times

How Cash Loans Can Help During Hard Financial Times

The current financial situation across the world has many people, including Canadians, feeling anxious about money. The future of the world’s economy is uncertain, and it’s leaving many of us with losses in jobs and income. And when we fall on hard financial times and need fast cash, sometimes we don’t know where to look for help.

Traditional bank loans require time, which isn’t always an option when you need fast financial help. And those who have struggled with building good credit may find that qualifying for a bank loan isn’t possible, or results in high interest. So when you need fast cash without the usual hurdles, you can rely on cash loans to help.

What are Cash Loans & How to Apply

Cash loans are a quick and convenient way to get the money you need when you need it. We all have those moments of unexpected expenses that require fast action, which seem heightened in today’s unconventional world. With cash loans, you get your funds with ease.

Many lenders, such as iCASH, function online and accept applications 24/7. After creating a basic profile, you can apply for a loan for up to $1,500. The process is quick and easy, with many borrowers receiving pre-approval within just 30 minutes. Most people can plan on securing their cash in less than one day. In difficult financial times like these, the efficiency of an online application process can make all the difference.

Repayment Options

As you apply for your cash loan, you can agree to the repayment terms that are right for you. Although you can pay back your loan in one easy swoop, most borrowers opt to extend their plans to three installments. Convenient repayment allows you plenty of time to return your loan, meaning less pressure and worry for you. The ease of cash loans is particularly important as families across Canada navigate these unusual economic times.

Standard Interest Rates

Regardless of whether you choose one or three payments, your interest rate will remain the same. But most importantly, the interest rate won’t be excessive, like with many major credit cards. When Canadians need fast financial support, lenders like iCASH understand that it’s essential to have secure applications, extended repayment options and standard interest rates that won’t put you in a worse situation.

Low Credit

Many Canadians worry about low credit. With cash loans, even those with a poor credit history can qualify for the money they need without being punished for their past financial mistakes. Whether high or low credit, you can still be eligible for cash loans with the same repayment and interest as anyone else.

Why Cash Loans are the Better Options

As the world continues to navigate this uncertain economic situation, Canadians can rely on cash loans to help them when they need it the most. When we can’t leave our homes and must adhere to social distancing measures, simple online applications make all the difference. And with standard interest rates and extended repayment plans open to all borrowers, even those with low credit scores, cash loans may be the best option for you.