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Complete Guide On Dext Prepare And How To Use It To Save Time & Money

In a world where cloud-based accounting is replacing traditional financial bookkeeping, Dext Prepare offers a robust suite of tools helping accountants and bookkeepers do their job efficiently. It makes accounting simpler, with remote access to multiple business stakeholders, and offers intelligent insights based on real-time financial data.

Dext Prepare helps businesses free up teams from spending an excessive, unnecessary number of hours on manual bookkeeping tasks. By empowering accountants with intelligent tools, Dext Prepare enables them to make better decisions and add more value to your business’ growth.

Here is a complete guide on Dext Prepare and how you can incorporate it into your business’ functionality to save time and money.

Prepare your Business’ Financial Records

Whether you are a growing or an already thriving business, financial and bookkeeping efficiency is crucial for optimal use of your accountants’ time and resources. With Dext Prepare, you have a broad range of financial reporting tools that make your life easier.

  • Auto-Categorise and Label line items – Taxation and data extraction can consume a lot of your accountants’ precious time. Dext Prepare enables you to code and categorise codes with supplier-specific rules automatically. You can also save time and tax deductibles easily with automated tools. With Smart Items, you can extract financial data quickly, including automatically categorising and labeling each line item.
  • Reduce and request Paperwork – Dext Prepare helps you trim down the paperwork and paperchase by allowing you to send requests right through your client’s app. The in-app chat further enables smooth interactions to gain clarity.
  • Report business data and access expense report – The best part about cloud-based accounting is the real-time updation and access to critical financial data. With Dext Prepare, you can extract every line of data from invoices, bank statements, and over 1,400 online suppliers. It arms your business with tools to understand and analyse the financial performance of your clients and create insightful reports on revenue trends.
  • Easy Reconciliation with your Bank – You can reconcile your client’s business bank account to match costs through a simple click of a button.


Create customised dashboards for your clients

With Dext Prepare, you can create bespoke dashboards for your clients and practice members to track workflows and better coordinate with team members. This enables your accountants and team to access financial information at a single glance without any delays. With easier access to team workflows, critical issues can be avoided, allowing you to promptly cater to your client’s needs.

  • Gain complete oversight of your client’s performance – With client dashboards, Dext Prepare allows you to view, analyse and understand team workflows and client performance better. Bespoke reporting and bookkeeping increases productivity multifold and helps you better allocate your company’s resources.
  • Real-time collaboration with your team – Save your time gaining clarity over trivial as well as important matters through the in-app chat. The ease of cooperation and coordination with Dext Prepare empowers your team with real-time clarity way before submission guidelines.

Get Real-Time Intelligent Insights on Financial Performance

With Dext Prepare, your accountants and team can extract, request, and analyse financial data in real-time. With actionable insights and instant collaboration with your team and practice members, businesses can focus on the real challenges and save their employees’ time and money.

Dext Prepare is based on the belief that accountants and bookkeepers play an unmatched role in your business’ success. Keeping with the times is essential, especially in today’s day and age where technological disruption is unavoidable. The intelligent tools offered by Dext Prepare are built to meet the ever-evolving demands and challenges faced by businesses of all sizes.